Born in 1979, Chris Atkinson is one of the younger drivers on the World Rally Championship circuit. He has been identified as one of the potential big names of the future and with just a short career thus far, at the big stage, there is still a lot of time for the man to show his true colours.

Being the son of a rallying competitor and enthusiast, it was natural that Chris got involved in the sport at a very early age. But despite the direct influence from his father, Chris was more involved in other sports like Soccer, Rugby and Tennis. The only place where he came close to racing was no two-wheels. He did participate in a few Motocross events in his early days. He went to study commerce on a University Scholarship and that is where the tide changed. Chris slowly, but steadily, became engrossed in rallying. He started off by co-driving for his brother but that would last for long. In 2001, he decided to switch seats and his performance and speed in the driver’s seat, impressed one and all in 2001 and 2002. He produced some blistering performances in the Australian series in these two years and soon got the opportunity to join Suzuki.

Team Subaru World Rally Team Subaru World Rally Team
Born 30 Nov 1979
Nationality Australia Australia
Team History
Subaru World Rally Team Subaru World Rally Team 2005 - present

His affair with silverware had already started and the tryst just continued. With Suzuki, Atkinson took the FIA Asia Pacific Super 1600 title, in 2003. Then he moved to the Group N series and behind the wheels of a Subaru, in 2004, he came second in the Australian Group N championships. In 2004, he also defended his Super 1600 title by repeating his feat. Besides the two events, he took part on several WRC events in Production Cars. He notched up a brilliant fifth place finish at Rally Australia and that certainly grabbed the attention of Subaru. The time was right for him to take up a seat in the Blue

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