Formula One Broadcasting

There’s just something about chunks of metal going at gravity-defying speeds that gets everyone to tune in and watch. The television coverage of the Formula One is arguably one of the most watched series on television. The Grand Prix is broadcasted to over 200 countries, and every year, the number of people who watch it just increases. Back in the year 2000, there was an estimated total of 50 million viewers world wide. The last survey was in the year 2006, and it was estimated that a whopping 83 million viewers tuned in to watch the highly exciting formula one races. If you count the number of times that people actually watched the Grand Prix ever since it was broadcasted, you’d find out that by the year 2001, the people had tuned in for more than 54 billion people. In fact, the Formula One Races are so popular that one event, the Canadian Grand Prix, ranked as the world’s third most watched event in the history of television.

The Formula One races are shared to the world in two ways, the first one is through live feed. This live feed is taken care of by the Formula One Management or the FOM. If you do not have the time to watch the greatest races live, then do not despair because there are always the taped versions. All of the races are reproduced on Wide Screen so that those who missed watching the races live can still enjoy them.

However, Formula One races are usually broadcasted by country. Meaning, the British broadcasters would focus on their own teams and disregard most of the others. This left some of the viewers dissatisfied because this kind of system caused them to miss some of the important moments. There is an alternative, but it’s a pay-per-view.

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