A "Fun" Look at Formula 1 in 2010 - Teams Part Three

There are teams and then there are teams! The next three teams in the preview of the 2010 season are fighting to make it to the starting grid at Bahrain. While most of their preparation is well underway, there is one team that has decided to postpone its entry to 2011. Whether there is enough to keep everyone happy through this season, time will tell although this preview can certainly pre-empt some moves that might be just too obvious for us all.

Back to the Future

Looking to Emulate the Good Old Days>The “Lotus” brand has been associated with Formula One since the inception of the sport. Despite a small sabbatical in 1994 till 2009, everyone fondly remembers the days when Lotus was ruling the Formula One calendar. But today, they are truly an unknown quantity as they re-enter the sport with the hopes of making it big again.

The team is running on Cosworth engines although their chassis is a self-creation. The car has been running slower than others in testing and seems to be labouring through tracks a bit more than everyone else.

They have hired two incredible drivers, though, in Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen. While Trulli brings years of experience at the highest level, Kovalainen brings a lot of frustration from being another victim of the McLaren-Hamilton partnership. Whether either of them really has the capability to win a race in a car that has been likened to a sight-seeing tour bus, is something that seems unlikely.

What is likely to happen though is that the team will accumulate some points considering that a change in the points-finishing structure may have given them a chance to emulate the tortoise in the famous hare-tortoise saga.

Pain with Rain in Spain

A Team That Believes in Living on the Edge>They were known as Campos Meta until a millionaire decided to play god and buy the team, days before their debut, and rename them to Hispania Racing. The team has looked quite stable compared to the other three debutants in the sport (Lotus not counted for obvious reasons) although their driver selection has been a bit weird (for lack of a better word).

Bruno Senna’s name and heritage will drag people off their deathbeds to come and see the young man race a Formula One car. But it seems that he may have been brought on more for his ability to attract sponsors, than to really drive a race car. While his shoulders are already laden with the burden of debuting in the world’s toughest motorsports format, the added burden of being the nephew of one of the greatest Formula One drivers will ensure that the car will not need any dead weights to meet the minimum weight requirements.

What??? Who??? WHY?????>The other driver, Karun Chandok, has earned news coverage for being an Indian racing driver, more than anything else. The move is clearly political as an Indian edition of the race is destined to occur in 2011 and popularity for the sport has to be increased in the country. However, to get an un-tried driver, who spent 5 labourous years in GP3 before spending another 3 dismal seasons at GP2, to now drive in Formula One seems more self-destructive than anything else. Chandok has been placed 15th, 10th and 18th in his last three seasons at GP2, making one wonder what he did to get into Formula One that the other 17 drivers, who finished before him, didn’t.

I wish a lot of luck to Campos Me… I mean Hispania Racing, who are heading to the F1 tracks for the first time ever, with a potential nervous-breakdown and a taxi-driver behind their wheels.

The Vanishing Act

The Best PicSearch result for USF1 in Formula One!!! How Ironic!!!>Ok! This team was meant to be in this year’s championships but apparently, USF1 had trouble designing and making a new Formula One car because no racing car designer in the USA had actually seen or heard of Formula One. Their driver problems were quite similar too.

Initially, the team was determined to find two American drivers for their cars however they only managed to find, and convince, one that (a) Formula One was actually a sport; and (b) it was actually tougher than anything that the US racing scene can throw at them.

It is generally hard to convince people in the USA that racing actually involves testing teams & drivers on technology & skill rather than watching mindless drones going round-‘n’-round around circular race tracks, occasionally bumping the odd opponent to wake the crowd up with an explosion.

Alright, I’m sorry for being so narrow-minded - not *all *of their tracks are circular, some are oval too!!!

But of course, the team is having trouble getting a car to Bahrain for the start of the 2010 season and no, it isn’t due to the extra distance they have to travel from North Carolina, USA while the other teams are based out of Europe. The team will be making it to the tracks but the country is worried about the ground-situation in Bahrain ahead of the Formula One season and will be planning an armed invasion of the country to ensure “safety” of the Americans on their team.

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