Bad Start for the Improved Toro Rosso

The newly launched STR3 will push Sebastian Vettel 5 spots down the grid for Gear Box rule Violation

Often the launch of the new car brings with it hope for a better performance for the new season and when the team is languishing in 9th place; the only way to go is up. What better time for Toro Rosso to bring in the latest version of their Formula 1 car, the STR3. Yes, the car may be better than its predecessor and as Toro Rosso claim, it may boost their points total as well but the first thing that the car has done, since it has been launched, is push German driver Sebastian Vettel 5 places down the grid. Even before hitting the tracks, Vettel will be forced to start from 5 places below wherever he qualifies, for the Monaco Grand Prix. Team mate Sebastien Bourdais, however, escapes this punishment due to a non-finish in Turkey.

As per FIA rules and regulations, a car which finishes a race with a particular gearbox, must use the same gearbox for at least 4 more races. Any violation of this rule causes the 5-places penalty that Vettel will face. Team Toro Rosso must believe that the improvements in the STR3 will definitely outweigh the negatives of the 5 places on the grid. Qualifying will now, mean even more to Vettel who’s starting position on the grid will determine how hard this penalty hits Toro Rosso.

Anjali nambissan
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