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The teams dominating motorsport

Neil loves living a life in the fast lane. He likes to cruise at high speeds and shows a preference towards any thing that hits full throttle. No wonder, he also happens to be an ardent fan of motorsports. He enjoys it because it has man and machine stretching their capabilities to the limit. Though, he watches all kinds of motorsport and has many favorite teams, he is a big fan of Ferrari.

If you too are an ardent motorsport supporter , you too must be having your own favorite teams and drivers. Though there are many team in the universe are motorsports, there are few teams that have long continued to dominate the scene.

Popular teams in motorsport

Ferrari: Ferrari is one of the most dominant names in the world of Formula 1 racing. Ferrari made its F1 debut in 1948. This makes Ferrari the oldest team in the world of Formula 1. The team has dominated the sport right from the start, save for the lull patch it experienced during the 80s. However, the most successful era experienced by Ferrari was when they had Michael Schumacher as their main driver. A racing legend, he and Ferrari scripted a success story that will gone down the annals of F1 as one of the greatest. Some of Ferrari’s mile stones include fourteen World Drivers Championship titles, fourteen World Constructors Championship titles, 179 Grand Prix victories, 3,445 and a half points, 544 podium finishes, 174 pole positions, 11,182 laps led, and 180 fastest laps in 1,622 Grands Prix contested.

Honda Team: Bike lovers must be well aware of the Honda team. It is one of the most famous teams in the world of MotoGP. Honda made its MotoGP debut in 1966. However, it did not taste any major success. It made a blazing re-entry in the world of MotoGP in 1982. Honda had worked very hard on modifying its engine and came up with the NS500 V three-cylinder water-cooled two-stroke model. Soon ,they started tasting wins. Honda formed a successful and winning partnership with many drivers. However, its most glorious chapters have Mick Doohan and Valentino Rossi as its main drivers.

The above-mentioned teams are the most popular teams that have continued to dominate their respective categories in the world of motorsports.

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