Speed fascinates everybody. The thrill offered by a vehicle that’s cruising at 200 km/hour exhilarates the hearts of many. At the same time, many of us derive this thrill by watching motorsport.

Motorsport is a manifestation of the human desire to see man and machine set the ultimate pace. It embodies the human thirst to keep breaking the speed limit and be fast as possible.

As a sports buff, you must be aware that there are various types of motorsport. Each form has its own loyal fan following. Also the thrills offered by each form of motor sport is different

Different types of motorsport

Formula One: Formula One, also known as F1 is one of the most popular forms of motorsport. Its popularity stretches from the sands of Middle East to the scenic Scotland to the dense forests of Brazil. The teams participating in this sport aim for two types of championship- the driver’s championship and the constructor

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