Lewis Hamilton Victorious at the San Paulo Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton Victorious at the San Paulo Grand Prix Photo: TT

The San Paulo Grand Prix had an interesting twist of events when Lewis Hamilton made a successful overtake at Max Verstappen, leading him to win the San Paulo Grand Prix title.

Hamilton led with 12 laps to go, while Verstappen is already at his advantage for reaching 14 points.

So far, mixed emotions were present during the event. For Hamilton, it was an unexpected victory, while for Verstappen might be rancor as they were known to have been involved in multiple controversies on and off the track.

This is the 101st victory for Hamilton, and he was able to deliver a powerful message to car racers, that they can still be a win even they are at the critical point in the championship. If Verstappen was able to hold Hamilton off, he might have won the title.

Last Saturday, Hamilton had spoken about how devastated and disappointed he was when he was declared disqualified due to a rear wing infringement. This disqualification happened because Red Bull requested the FIA to investigate the matter. Because of this matter, Hamilton felt he was unfairly treated by the FIA on how they deal with broken parts on cars.

Meanwhile, Verstappen noted that he tried everything that he could, and what happened in the San Paulo Grand Prix was a good battle. They might have missed the pace, but at least they have fun racing. He also mentioned that he will bounce back in his coming races.

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