“Halo” Safety System Saved His Life, Says Lewis Hamilton on Italian Grand Prix Crash

“Halo” Safety System Saved His Life, Says Lewis Hamilton on Italian Grand Prix Crash Photo: TT
Lewis Hamilton leaves his car after crashing with Max Verstappen during the Italian Formula One Grand Prix, at Monza racetrack, in Monza, Italy, Sunday, Sept.12, 2021.

Lewis Hamilton has said the halo safety system of Formula 1 saved his life in the crash he was involved in at the Italian Grand Prix.

The seven-time champion crashed when Red Bull Max Verstappen hit and drove over his Mercedes.

The halo safety device is a curved, reinforced bar found in front of the drivers head. This device did its job and protected Hamilton from suffering a severe blow to the head.

Hamilton has said that he feels fortunate the day of the crash. He thanks God for the halo as it saved his life and his neck. The Brit also said he feels really grateful to still be here and blessed that someone was watching over him.

At first, Hamilton was skeptical about the halo. He thought it was the F1s worst-looking modification. But before the system was even introduced three years ago, he had already started to change his mind about it.

Besides saving Hamilton’s life in the recent accident, the halo device has also been credited for saving Charles Leclerc during the first lap accident with Fernando Alonso at Spa-Francorchamps in 2018.

Toto Wolff, the team principal of Mercedes, also lauded the halo for saving Lewis life. Wolff said that the crash would have been one of the worst accidents in F1 without the device.

The crash happened at Monza, on lap 26 of 53. Verstappen was driving at 225mph, approaching Variante del Rettifilo. At that time, Hamilton was exiting the pit lane. Verstappen tried to squeeze past the Brit but ran off the track to the curbs instead.

It sent Verstappen out of control and flew past Hamilton’s path. His rear-right wheel ended up crushing the top of the Mercedes Hamilton was driving.

The race stewards judged the Red Bull driver to have caused the accident. As a result, they gave him a three-place grid penalty for the Russian Grand Prix on September 26 in Sochi.

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