FIA Launches Investigation Into Grosjean Crash

Motorsports governing body, the FIA, has launched a full investigation into Romain Grosjeans crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix last weekend.

The Frenchman was lucky to escape with comparatively minor injuries after his Haas car veered across the track and crashed into a barrier and burst into flames, with Grosjean later admitting that he thought he was going to die.

His survival has been attributed to the many advances in safety made by Formula One in recent years, including the introduction of the titanium halo around the cockpit, and the use of more fireproof equipment and clothing. In addition, he owes much to the quick thinking and bravery of medical personnel and rack marshals who were on the scene within seconds.

However, there are still many questions to answer. Why did the barrier, instead of absorbing the impact as it was meant to do, split into two? Why did Grosjeans car break apart? And why did the fuel tank explode given the various measures in place to prevent that eventuality happening.

The enquiry is expected to last between six and eight weeks.

For this weekends Sakhir Grand Prix at the same circuit, albeit on a slightly different track, a number of modifications have been made in a bid to improve safety.

In front of the barrier where Grosjean had his crash two walls of tyres have been erected as an added layer of protection. Another tyre barrier at Turn Nine has been extended and made deeper, whilst a kerb has been removed to minimise the risk of cars becoming airborne.

Grosjean is still recovering from his injuries and will not be racing this weekend.

However, he still hopes to compete I the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix next weekend, which may be his last ever in the sport, given that he does not have a drive for next year. His hands are still recovering from the burns he received, so he will have to wear special cream and a latex glove under his fireproof gloves to protect them.

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