FIA investigating Hamilton T-Shirt
FIA investigating Hamilton T-Shirt

Motorsports governing body, the FIA, is considering launching an investigation into a T-shirt won by reigning Formula One world champion, Lewis Hamilton, at last weekends Tuscan Grand Prix in Italy.

The championship leader, who went on to win his sixth race of the season, has been an active campaigner for greater diversity in the sport, and also has been an advocate for the Black Lives Matter campaign. And he took that further with his T-shirt which was emblazoned with the cords Arrest the cops who killed Breona Taylor.

This is in reference to a 26-year-old black woman who was killed in Louisville earlier this year who entered her home illegally and opened fire.

It is not clear what rules Hamilton may have infringed, although the FIA insists that it is a non-political organisation. Their sporting code does include a ban on cars carrying logos of a political or religious nature, but it seems a stretch to extend this to an article of clothing.

Hamilton himself has the full backing of his team Mercedes for his actions in highlighting racial injustice and that it was entirely up to him what T-shirt he chose to wear.

To show their solidarity, the Mercedes cars have changed their livery for this season from their traditional silver to black, and the colours of the drivers overalls have also been changed.

Mercedes have responded to suggestions that he is trying to bring politics into the sport by arguing that it is not a political matter at all, just a human rights issue.

Hamilton is the only black driver in a sport that is overwhelming white. He has led the other drivers in taking a knee before races, and he has begun to work with the FIA on a diversity programme.

Earlier this year, he launched an initiative with the Royal Academy of Engineering to try and encourage more people from black backgrounds to enter the sport.

He is the most high-profile figure in the sport and the FIA will be thinking twice about taking him on over an issue that has already attracted so much debate and controversy this year.

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