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Formula One Row Escalates

Formula One Row Escalates Photo: TT
Formula One row escalates

Proving that their sport likes nothing better than to rake over the coals of a controversy, the latest row in Formula One over the rear brake ducts used by the Racing Point team continues to escalate.

At the weekend, the team was fined 400,000 (360,000) and docked 15 points after being found guilty of copying the rear brake ducts which provide downforce, and therefore, aid traction and stability from last years title wining Mercedes car.

That followed protests by a number of other teams, including Renault, McLaren, Williams, and Ferrari. And now both Ferrari and Renault have decided to appeal the decision effectively arguing that it was too lenient meaning that the case will now by heard by a Court of Appeal of motorsports governing body, the FIA. They want clarity on the legally of copying other cars, and they are also unhappy that Racing Point are still being allowed to run with the disputed component in their cars.

At the heart of the dispute is a newly introduced rule that certain components on cars have to be designed by teams themselves, with some confusion as to when the new regulations applied.

The owner of Racing Point, the Canadian billionaire, Lawrence Stroll, has now come out swinging, saying that he is appalled that his team have been accused of what amounts to cheating. He says that the name of his team has been dragged through the mud, and that he Is not prepared to accept that.

Meanwhile, Mercedes have said that they are happy to go to court if their rivals claim that they have done anything wrong. They maintain that they were fully compliant with the prevailing rules when they provided the data on the brake ducts and do not believe that Racing Point have committed any offence.

With Mercedes looking likely to run away with both the constructors and the drivers championship again this year, it looks like all the best action may be reserved for what happens away from the track in the courtrooms and legal tribunals.

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