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F1 Boss Floats Behind-Closed-Doors Races

F1 Boss Floats Behind-Closed-Doors Races Photo: TT
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton leads at the start of the race

The 2020 Formula One season could commence behind closed doors according to the organisation’s managing director Ross Brawn.

Speaking on Sky Sports’ F1 Vodcast, Brawn along with McLaren boss Zak Brown discussed plans for the 2020 season after nine races were called off, including two being scrapped completely.

Both the Australian Grand Prix and the Monaco Grand Prix have been cancelled amid the coronavirus outbreak, causing the delay of the F1 campaign.

F1 boss Brawn, who previously worked for numerous teams as technical director or team principal, posed that a July start was possible and remained hopeful of a 19-race season with shortened weekend schedules.

“If we were to start at the beginning of July, we could do a 19-race season,” Brawn said.

“It’s tough, three races on, weekend off, three races on, weekend off - but we’ve looked at all the logistics.”

He also floated the idea of a behind-closed-doors race, with F1 teams arriving by charter flights and being sheltered from the outside world.

“At the moment were looking at the logistics of a closed race, how would we get the people there, how would we protect them, how would we make it safe, who would we allow into the paddock,” he said.

“Every permutation is being discussed.”

Brawn added: “I think we have to remember there’s millions of people that follow the sport sat at home. To be able to put on a sport and entertain people would be a huge bonus with this crisis we have.”

He also confirmed that an eight-race season would be a minimum to complete a campaign, but noted the 2020 season could move into January next year.

“Eight races would be the minimum and we could achieve eight races by starting in October,” Brawn said.

“But there’s always the possibility we could run into next year. That’s being explored and we could stray into January to finish the season, though there’s all sorts of complications with that.

“The choice this year is anything between eight and 19.”

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