A Trip is a term used to describe a strategy in Mixed Martial Arts and the trip is combined with a lot of MMA techniques. Some people loved to make diverse techniques out of the trip, depending on the type of martial arts they’ve mastered. The training would depend on how much time the trainee has spent and in 2 weeks, he might obtain 2-3 styles that could complement each other.

Combining Two or More Martial Arts

In mixed martial arts, anything is possible as long as the two martial arts are perfectly combined. For example, Japanese Judo can be a great combination of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Once the player has decided on a good combination, he has to learn the basic striking techniques and add other kick-focused martial arts, such as Karate and Taekwondo. If the player has more time, he could also learn another one, so it would be advantageous for him to counter the opponent’s technique once he gets to the Octagon.

Strategies that Goes Along with Trips

Trips are a basic technique in mixed martial arts that any player can easily master. Trips have to be combined with Striking, Grappling, and Ground Fighting. The Striking would focus on throwing punches and kicks against the opponents, except on the head level, while the Grappling concentrates on either the single or double leg takedown and clinch holds. On the next level, the player can proceed to groundwork techniques, where the player has to pin down the opponent until he surrenders the fight. As the competition went on, the techniques that players have to use have to be more complex, rather than staying in a playing safe match.

Ground and Pound Mixed Martial Arts

When the attacker wanted a sure submissive hold against the opponent, he has to consider using the Ground and Pound Technique, where he should learn the art of takedowns and grappling. This strategy is famous among players and is often used regularly to strike a powerful hammer fist against the opponent. The effectiveness and reliability of this technique are high because it comes out very simple to execute. One of the most popular MMA fighters who took advantage of this technique is Fedor Emelianenko, whose hammer fist can devastate any player in no time.