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The Team Quest is an organization and training camp for Mixed Martial Arts initiated by Randy Couture and Dan Henderson. The facilities of the Team Quest Mixed Martial Arts are all over California, Oregon, and Thailand. This organization is hosted by Dan Henderson, a former Strikeforce Lightweight Champion, and Jesse Taylor. The majority of the players within this organization came from wrestling.

The History of the Team Quest

This organization started with Randy Couture during the US World Greco Roman Wrestling Team and he was teammates with Matt Lindland. They have shared a spot for National medals, and they thought that through the World and National Championships, they can bring an important event for the mixed martial arts. In 2000, they ventured for a mixed martial arts business, in which they gathered the best players in this field. Team Quest wanted to show the importance of humility and sportsmanship despite their tenureship in Mixed Martial Arts.

Team Quest Most Notable Members

Dan Henderson is the most notable member because he founded Team Quest. He is also known as the last PRIDE Middleweight Champion and the only champion who conquered the Pride Championship in the Welterweight Division. Another notable member is Shaun Lethco who received his Green Belt in Muay Thai. At the same time, he began to become one of the most undefeated competitors in the Team Quest. Lastly, Ryo Chonan, a Japanese MMA fighter, who competed for the UFC, PRIDE, and the World Victory Road.

Expansion and Growth

The first targets of Team Quest are the most deserving member across the world. From small-time Olympic players, they have gathered more than 400 members comprised of men and women. They also have a headquarter in California which from 2000 square feet to 7000 square feet. The training facilities were too large for the Team Quest members and they are now recruiting children of all ages to join the organization. In 2007, Team Quest Martial Arts launched a new gym with a licensing brand that comes across the whole of California, Australia, and Thailand. The one in Portland remained its main headquarters until 2020.

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