Take-Down is a term used in Mixed Martial Arts to describe a technique that could off-balance the opponent. The Takedown technique is used in various martial arts events, such as Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. At the same time, it’s bringing the opponent to the ground while the practitioner lands on top of the opponent. The takedown is also known as Shooting, but it can be identified from throws due to its impact and amplitude. Many professional and adept mixed martial artists are using throws as a pre-requisite movement before the take-down.

The Advantage of the Takedown

One of the main advantages of using the Takedown as a technique is the freedom that a player can have to fight however he wants. Just for instance, if the attacker is positioned on top of the opponent, then it’s normal to think that the fighter is controlling the situation. Having the ability to control the fight could only mean bigger chances of being victorious. When a fighter had a good intuition and judgment, they can easily be matched with other good strikers and them being dominated on the ground.

The Double Takedown

The main purpose of the double takedown is to distract the opponent from doing his stunt against the player and to drive him to the ground for submission. If the attacker wanted to go for a double takedown, he must take note that he should leave his neck exposed to the opponent. The neck is the primary target of the opponent and they might go for guillotine chokes. The player can counter-attack the double takedown by sprawling the opponent and throwing him a strike. At the same time, the player should step away and bend his knees so he could grab the opponent’s legs and squeeze them.

Body Lock Takedown

The Body Lock Takedown is one of the most overused techniques in the Octagon because it’s easier and safer to execute the technique compared to others. To execute the Body Lock Takedown, the player has to secure himself with a double underhooks or by pulling his opponent lower. If the opponent countered the Body Lock Takedown, positioning would be very important, but the player can only break free if he’ll try hand fighting or pummeling.