Submission Wrestling

Submission Wrestling, or more popularly called as Submission Fighting and Sport Grappling, is a term used in Mixed Martial Arts to describe ground fighting and clinching. The attacker’s main objective is to pin down his opponent to the ground through a submission hold. Many sports are using Submission Wrestling as a method to make their opponents give up for the fight. Such sports would include Folk Wrestling, Jujutsu, Judo, and Sambo. Submission wrestling has become an essential element in Mixed Martial Arts, however, there are some types of submission wresting which are banned in other fighting competitions.

The Label Attached to Submission Wrestling

Submission Wrestling is a method to mentally psych or intimidates the opponent, by causing him extreme pain that could lead to fear. This method is always used in any martial arts to defeat his opponent, as long as the submission won’t create any serious affliction against the opponent. The label attached to it is primarily about having the drive to win the match, by grappling the opponent to the ground.

Styles of Submission Wrestling

There are many types of submission wrestling that the players can use, depending on their martial arts mastery. For example in Judo, the player can use submission wrestling through high impact throws and joint-locks. Meanwhile, in Sambo, the player can use a jacket while grappling or leg-locking an opponent. The oldest form of submission wrestling originated in Malla-Yuddha, which martial artists can practice concentrating on their positional superiority. It also about focusing on breaking the opponent’s limbs while applying tracheal chokes.

Advantages of Using Submission Wrestling

The main purpose of Submission Wrestling is to make the opponent give up the fight by physically exhausting him and mentally intimidate the opponent to give up. Using this technique often ends up in immediate defeat, but at least the safety of the opponent is not compromised. When the opponent felt that he has no chance of retrieving his strength, he should resort to an unfortunate defeat. If he was trapped in a submission position, then he should use the safe word, so the referee can decide whether or not to continue the fight.

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