Street Fighting

Street Fighting is a type of fight in the Mixed Martial Arts that could be described as “No Holds Barred.” For this reason, street fighting has no significant game rules and regulations. Street fighting is also a new way of mixing different kinds of martial arts because it could be a combination of wrestling, boxing, and other combat arts. Mixed martial artists are dexterous types of athletes, but if they were to face a real street fighter, they’ll be caught off-guard.

“My Master Can Beat Your Master” Debates

Although Street Fighting can be combined with Mixed Martial Arts, still the expertise and experience of the fighter should be a key determinant of the victory. Each of them has their strength to win the fight, but it would highly rely on the players on how they should take offense and defense. After all, there are no superior fighting styles. There’s no doubt that Mixed Martial Artists are one of the most tactical players, but it takes a real street fighter to gain a lot of intuition and aggressiveness. All Mixed Martial Artists are well-disciplined and trained for submission while street fighting can fight for life and death.

Is Street Fighting Violent?

In many ways, street fighting can be violent as they don’t respect law enforcement. Most of the street fights are a one-way ticket to prison because they’re mostly unauthorized and illegal, unlike in Mixed Martial Arts. Most Street Fighters are trained to fight unlimitedly or they could also destroy their opponent within the shortest amount of time, if possible. What made it dangerous is there are no specific rules and regulations attached to it. In Mixed Martial Arts, the fighter is prohibited for hair pulling, biting, and kicking the opponent’s groin, while on Street Fighting, the fighter can execute any techniques against the opponent even if it means endangering his life.

Advantages of Street Fighting

Anyone can learn street fighting anytime for self-defense purposes and to avoid the brutal circumstances of getting victimized in the street. With proper training in Street Fighting, he can combine the flexibility of the fighting style and be tactical at all times. It’s also a great idea if this is combined with Mixed Martial Arts to promote self-discipline not to abuse the sport. With better street fighting styles and combinations, anyone can become undefeated in this self-defense program.

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