Straight Punch

Straight Punch is an offensive technique used in mixed martial arts and combat sports. In the world of boxing, players are required to wear boxing gloves or any hand wraps to protect them from being severely injured. The use of straight punches can be seen in other sports, such as Russian Fist Fighting, karate, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing. Since punches have a wide variation of punches, it could also encompass different techniques depending on the martial arts the player is into.

The Introduction of Straight Punches

Straight punches have been used and developed from various martial arts throughout history. Punches may involve grappling in wrestling and Judo, and striking the opponent in boxing, karate, and Muay Thai. Many would have thought that straight punches are just a basic technique, but these punches should be a standard in improving the players’ success rate and impact forces towards the opponent. Many sports analysts have been investigating the impact and power of the punches.

How are Straight Punches Effective?

Straight Punch seemed to be the easiest technique, but martial artists have to take note that throwing a straight punch is the standard among all power punches. For a straight punch, the attacker has to strike the opponent using their rear hand and attempt to strike by forwarding their fists towards the opponent. Generally, straight punches are powerful than jabbing techniques, because punches can generate more power. Basic Straight Punches are considered a pre-requisite in learning all other mixed martial techniques.

The Impact of Straight Punches

According to Voigt and Schwartz’s investigation about straight punches, the force and velocity should be the contributors as to why a punch is effective. In 1989, Voigt created a dynamometer and attempted to test various Martial Arts for the jab and cross punches. It is reported that jab and cross punches can deliver a long time compared to straight ones, as the player has to effort more movements. In 2014, a group of sports scientists reported significant correlations between the propulsive power of hand acceleration and distance. They’ve also concluded that the player’s body strength can be a great contributor to a great straight punch.

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