Spinning Back-Kick

The Spinning Back-Kick is a term used to describe a technique in Mixed Martial Arts, which is quite similar to the standard back kick. However, spinning back-kick requires a more complex movement, by spinning the practitioner’s entire body backward and then land a back-kick towards the opponent. This technique demands a lot of power before the opponents get down on his knee and are distracted for the next move. At the same, just like the Spinning Back-Fist, this technique also requires a tight momentum before releasing the kick.

How to Do the Spinning Back-Kick

As mentioned, this technique requires a powerful force to perfectly execute it against the opponent. The first thing that the attacker has to do is to gather an efficient amount of momentum, so he can effectively spin his body backward until he’s faced from his opponent. The attacker needs to look over his shoulder, so he can see his opponent, and on which part of his body the attacker is about to hit. Next is to lift his knee and level it to his chest, while driving his foot’s heel towards the opponent. After the attacker successfully landed a kick, the attacker has to resume fighting.

The Impact of Spinning Back-Kick

Upon proper execution of this technique, it could easily shatter the opponent’s bones. Most of the time, martial artists are only using 40% of their power to release a good back-kick. The muscles being utilized in the Back-Kick are the hamstrings, back, and glutes, which can maintain strength for a long once the practitioner has regularly trained himself. Another factor that makes it powerful is the healing power, which is vicious and deceptive.

When to Use the Spinning Back-Kick?

The Spinning Back-Kick one of the most underused techniques because it took a lot of momentum to execute the technique. The standard back-kick seemed to have a minimal impact compared to the spinning back-kick. When the practitioner wanted to leave the opponent in agony, he needs to find a resolution to find the opponent’s most vulnerable part. Spinning Back-kick, when executed properly, can leave a maximum impact and penetration to the opponent’s body. However, when doing this technique, the practitioner needs to take note of his distance from the opponent.

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