Spinning Back-Fist

Spinning Back-Fist Beneil Dariush

Spinning Back-Fist, a similar movement to the Spinning Back Elbow, is a popular technique used in Mixed Martial Arts, which the attacker used to deceive his opponent. The Spinning Back-Fist is a modern, advanced version of the Back Fist Strike. This technique has been considered as deceptive because it can catch anyone off-guard. The added spin puts the thrill, flavor, and momentum, thus making it a powerful striking technique. It took mastery and next-level professionalism to perfect the Spinning Back-Fist, especially it releases a powerful blow against the opponent.

How to Do the Spinning Back Fist

The Spinning Back Fist is a powerful tool that anyone can use against his opponent because it can generate torques. The execution of this technique is somehow “tricky” because the attacker should make a punch with the back of his fist or forearm. To generate a powerful spin, he also needs to generate a lot of arm power to fully knock down his opponent. The simplest way to do this technique is to begin it with a jab, so the opponent can easily be distracted from the next move. The Attacker has to cross over his foot as he lowers himself for momentum, then he should quickly turn to his opponent and follow up with a strike.

Combinations Used with the Spinning Back Fist

Many techniques can be used with the Spinning Back Fist, especially those techniques that were mainly used as a distraction. When the opponent is distracted enough to pivot, then the attacker should use his intuition to go for a spinning back fist. He must start by letting go of a powerful hit to the opponent’s chest and land his elbow or forearm against his opponent.

Victorious Spinning Back Fist Moments

During the UFC Vegas 6, American Mixed Martial Artists Beneil Dariush and Scott Holtzman were able to become the event’s main opener, yet he instantly gave an excellent performance. Holtzman is a strong contender, but that doesn’t mean Dariush would be taunted since he’s on his way for a five-time victory. Dariush landed a spinning back fish on Holtzman, resulting in his untimely drop. The referee in-charge named Herb Dean stopped the fight as soon as Holtzman dropped down. As a result, Dariush won the fight and ranked in the lightweight division.

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