Shootfighting is a term used in Mixed Martial Arts events that combine both combat sport and martial arts. Shootfighting is partnered and governed by the International Shootfighting Association, which promotes to incorporate traditional and modern MMA techniques. The most principal martial arts being used in Shoot Fighting is wrestling and Kenpo. The term “Shoot Fight” is quite similar to the mixed martial arts in Japan and is also used as a trademark of Bart Vale. Tournaments that allow these techniques are Pancrase and Shooto, where many called themselves “shootfighters”.

The History of Shoot Fighting

Shoot Fighting is similar to the 1970s mixed martial arts, where a group of Japanese martial artists was taught by Karl Gotch about the shooting. At the same time, Antonio Inoki took interest in the Shoot Fighting and eventually hosted some MMA events that feature series of modern MMA variations. This resulted in a global interest as many found this interesting and unique, added with shoot-style wrestling. In the 1990s, Shoot Fighting took the mass’ attention, and certain organizations, such as Pancrase, became a major and legit “shoot” organization.

The Rules in Shoot Fighting

Most players who are joining this event are qualified for the heavyweight division, as they are 200 lbs. and more. The match should run within 30 nonstop minutes, while amateur competitions only have 10. Any part of the body is allowed to be kicked and elbowed, except the groin, and if this causes a head-butt. Players are not required to wear gloves, so punches land on their opponents aren’t as bad as boxing. Joint locks and slapping are allowed, but eye-gouges and groin strikes are prohibited.

Other Participations of Shoot Fighting

Bart Vale is responsible for establishing the Japanese Professional Wrestling Fujiwara Gumi, an organization for Japanese wrestling competitions. When he came back to the US, Vale used “shoot fighting” to define his style of the hybrid fighting system, which as a combination of wrestling, Kenpo, and Muay Thai. Since its successful introduction, Bart Vale also promoted other organizations that contributed too much success on Shootfighting, such as the International Shootfighting Association.

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