Sengoku is a popular, defunct Japanese mixed martial events, which is also called as the World Victory Road or the Sengoku Raiden Championship. Sengoku was first introduced in 2007 and sponsorship with the Japan Mixed Martial Arts Federation. This event is being broadcasted on Fuji TV in Japan and HDNet in the US every year. Since its broadcast, the Sengoku Raider Championship became acceptable to more international audiences.

The Rules in Sengoku Raider Championship

The rules and regulations in this event have little differences with the MMA events in the US. For example, the allowance of knees stomped against the opponent’s head is prohibited. Apart from that, the practitioner’s elbow to the opponent’s head should have an allowance. One of the most notable similarities is the time limit per each round, which can only last for five minutes.

Notable Sengoku Champions

In the Welterweight division, Keita Nakamura seemed to have made his mark in Sengoku after winning in many MMA competitions. Nakamura is a winner from the 2010 Sengoku Welterweight and SRC Welterweight Championship and a one-time champion in the DEEP Welterweight Championship. Another champion is Satoru Kitaoka from the Lightweight division, who’s also a winner from DREAM, DEEP, and the Pancrase Championship. His notable match in Sengoku is with Clay French, who lost in the first round due to Achilles lock. This match has led him to fight Eiji Mitsuoka and defeated him with a heel hook on the first round.

The Controversy Behind the Sengoku Steroid Championship

During the 10th Sengoku Raider Championship, Antonio Silva came out to be victorious even though he is suspended from fighting in MMA events. In 2010, The World Victory Road had no problems in giving him another chance right after his seven months out of his one-year suspension. The usage was because of the steroid usage, which doesn’t seem to be a major concern for the WVR organization. They only intend to develop a clean sport despite steroid usage. Besides, many sport-related events have players using the steroid to keep them active and aggressive towards the sport and his opponents.