Reversal (move)

Reversal (move), or more commonly known as “Sweep”, is a term used to describe mixed martial arts techniques. Using reversal moves can happen anytime in a fight, because of the MMA’s components of wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and Muay Thai. At the same time, fighters can execute many techniques to beat the opponent down, whereas the commentators might be having a difficult time explaining the technique one by one. Reversal (move) consists of takedowns to attack the opponent’s legs until he lays on the ground. On the ground, the player will perform a reverse grappling position by scissoring his legs around his neck.

Kinds of Sweeps

The Push Sweep and the Ground Work are the popular reversal moves, where the player has to master how to dominate from one position to another. The practitioner has to transition from an inferior position to a full mount position, so the dominance can be reversed in favor of the practitioner. A Push Sweep is a technique, where the player should keep his opponent’s knee under. This technique is also called as the Scissor Sweep because the positioning looks like a scissor while sweeping the opponent on the ground.

Advantages of the Reverse Positions

Reverse positions can make the practitioner ahead of his game, as it will prevent the opponent from fighting back. When the practitioner is on top of his opponent, he has to ensure that his weight has to take over the fight, until the opponent gives up. The practitioner has to control the game by putting weight on his posture, so his opponent will be forced into submission. When doing this technique, the practitioner has to ensure he can maintain his control for a couple of seconds.

Best Grapplers of all Time

Mixed Martial Arts is a strenuous sport, with required grappling skills. When it comes to grappling techniques, only a few Mixed Martial Artists have succeeded in mastering and maintaining its success. One of them is Jeremy Horn, a 2-decade MMA veteran, whose record has exceeded 100 fights in small and large MMA organizations. In his all-time career, he already made 60 rough grappling finishes which are already highly attainable for many professional MMA fighters. The next one would be Megumi Fujii in the women’s division who successfully obtained 22 winning streaks before getting her first loss.

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