Double Leg Take Down

In mixed martial arts, a common but powerful move among wrestlers is the double leg take-down. Executed swiftly and decisively during the first minutes of a match, it can off serve to diminish the confidence level of the competitor and prevent them from being aggressive. Being able to successfully execute take-downs of this kind can be considered as proof not only of a competitor’s strength but also his swiftness.

How Double Leg Take-Down Works?

The move is easy to execute, and the aim is straightforward. The aggressive competitor uses quick movements to attack both of his opponent’s knees and legs at once. The first step is to ensure a good penetration step that will reduce the distance between the aggressive competitor and the opponent. A good penetration step is a key to the double leg-take down because it is the first position in a series that will bring down the opponent on his buttocks and back.

How to Effectively Perform Double Leg Take-Down?

Double leg take-down is performed effectively when the aggressive competitor first lowers his body until his face is level to his opponent’s waist. He can pretend that there is a string tied between his opponent’s feet. He will then step on that string by going between the opponent’s feet, with one of his knees between and under the opponent’s thighs. As he performs this action, he also quickly put his arms around the latter’s knees and grabs on tightly. The aggressive competitor must ensure that he keeps his head up, his back straight, and his torso pressed tightly against the hips of his opponent. He should go as low as possible without hindering his movements to close in on the opponent.

As the opponent struggles to break the aggressive competitor’s grip around his knees and legs, the latter should push hard forward. The aggressive player should lift his trail leg (this refers to the leg that is not pushed between the opponent’s thighs and feet), push forward, and drive the opponent backward until he falls in the mat.

As an offensive move in wresting, the double leg take-down move is effective because the goal is straightforward: render the opponent immobile by preventing them from using their legs. It is part of many offensive attacks in the sport.

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