Chuck Lidell, Tito Ortiz, Tony Desouza, and Antonio Banuelos are some of the champions who sharpened their fighting skills at the Pit. The Pit is a venue where MMA enthusiasts learn no-nonsense martial arts and undergo conditioning programs so they can achieve peak physical condition.

Origin of the Pit

Many UFC, Pride, and K1 fighters train with John Master, the founder of the Pit. He is one of the most sought-after Mixed Martial Arts trainers in the world. Known as the Pit Master, Master started teaching fighters Kajukenbo or Hawaiian Kempo in his gym in California in 1985. He trained UFC Hall of Famer and former Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell and appeared on the Ultimate Fighter TV show. He has secured a following among both MMA enthusiasts and experts not only because of his athleticism but because of his teaching skills.

How the Pit Works?

A friendly environment yet “old school tough” and upbeat, the Pit is designed to cater to adults of all ages. It accepts students from among first-timers to seasoned fighters, and from all fitness levels. MMA practitioners can go there to learn simple yet effective fighting and training techniques and where experts can hone their fighting skills.

Pit Master designed the curriculum, and his trademark techniques are taught in each class. The lessons cover aspects of stand up and ground fighting, as well as Hawaiian Kempo, which is derived from different schools of martial arts such as Boxing, Jujitsu, Kickboxing. It also uses techniques of submission grappling and wrestling.

Among the things taught in The Pit is the Hawaiian Kempo mindset. It is a way of thinking that advises the students to use what works and get rid of what does not. This mindset was applied, for instance, when the school decided to no longer enforce the use of katas in Kajukenbo and instead just focus on a fitness-oriented curriculum.

The Pit is a fun and safe environment to learn martial arts. Students are free to wear exercise clothes they feel comfortable wearing for their workout sessions. For people with existing martial arts training, the Pit utilizes a program specially developed to equip practitioners with new skills. New skills are incorporated with what students already know.

While it is a place for champions, the Pit has also opened its school to non-fighters, calling their school style “KuZen.” Individuals as young as three years old and up can enroll. It also offers three separate belt systems according to age, such as ages three to eight, nine through 13, and adults.