Wild Brawlers

Wild Brawlers Chris Leben

Wild brawlers is a term used in mixed martial arts which defines a style of fighting characterized by slamming and swinging. It is patterned after prison or street fighting.

Fighters who are performing wild brawlers are described as those who throw care and health outside of the window and those who showcase wild and bold techniques.

Top 4 Wild Brawlers

There are a great number of fighters considered to display excellent wild brawlers. But there are only four who topped the list.

Fourth on the list is Diego Sanchez. Sanchez is known as the, “Lion Heart” because of his aggressive fighting style. He won the season one of the Ultimate Fighter and was always dubbed as a perennial brawler. His opponents are well aware of his fearsome skills in brawling especially on how he engages from the ground and using the feet. In addition, he is considered as one of the greatest fighter in his division of all time.

Chuck Lidell comes in third place. The “Iceman” is famous for his violent plays and wild brawler ways. He was first noticed as a skillful college wrestler before becoming one of the greatest players of the UFC for his wild brawler techniques. In addition, his skills greatly influenced modern mixed martial arts. Many famous fighters of the UFC considered him as someone who beckons a brawl and always wins one.

Second on the list is the famous Wanderlei Silva. Silva or the, “Axe Murderer” is known by the mixed martial world as an epitome of violence. This is because of his absolute savagery in performing wild brawlers. Many consider his snapping hooks as the best and most dangerous. What makes him more even more appealing to fans despite his violent nature is his fighting spirit that forgoes several technical aspects.

Top on the list is Chris Leben. His codename, “The Crippler” says it all when it comes to the violent nature of his fights. He is best known as a fighter who does not care about getting hurt and punched on the face but one that wants to cripple or crush an opponent in whatever way possible. His entire mixed martial arts career has been showcasing a lot of madness and blood.

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