Kesa-gatame is a physical move using a side control tactic. In martial arts, predominantly in the Kodokan Judo, this technique works well. It targets the neck of the rivals by using the fighters’ arms, elbows, and hands pressuring their opponents. Under the catalog of martial arts, Katame-waza fighters focus on their opponents’ collars using the side control clutch.

A Pillow Scarf Hold

Martial arts are an active sport. For example, some martial artists, who just begin to explore the world of physical sports, can manage to win the match. It is easy to maneuver. As one can see in many of the fights, this pillow scarf hold as translated reveals a robust ground hold in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo. Readers can also notice this kesa-gatame in MMA combat and gain worldwide recognition of the fighting events.

A Good Fighting Technique

Kesa-gatame is a good technique to choose from the category list. One can surely perform this method without worries. Well, this approach to the fighting arena and practice is easy to move. Depending on the option to do it, many martial artists use their arms, hands, and side-control grip to defeat their opponents. Just like in the classic Judo, combatants have to portray and even demonstrate how fighters execute the measure to control and hold their adversaries.

A Force to Expect

Most martial arts organizations study different techniques. Fighters can use kesa-gatame to clamp their opponents. Using their arms, elbows, and hands, fighters have to place the grip on the competitors’ collar and another hold on the elbow. As the opponents get on the ground position, the fighters use their arms to go around the challengers’ neck. When these things are done, fighters finally use their force and physical strengths to end the game match unless the opponents do not know how to use the arm pullout kesa-gatame escape.

Surely, most fighters can experience this move during the fight. From the fight of some unexpected moves and techniques, fighters can integrate new sets of physical skills and styles learned from constant drills and practices. With force and strength, this martial art type demands powerful grips and strengths to defeat the opponents.

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