Elite Xtreme Combat

The presence of Elite Xtreme Combat has remained the conspicuous martial arts organization in the United States. Many others knew that this group bore its unique short-form name EliteXC, which came from its operator known as ProElite. As a United States-based mixed martial arts society, its management gained a partnership with Showtime Networks in 2006.

First Major Event

Many mixed martial artists and enthusiasts continued to embrace the power of physical sports. Some of them joined in various groups to keep themselves busy, while others were playing in the different game matches. The power of Xtreme Elite Combat, for example, thrived as it had its first major event in 2007. Some players could recall that year as a promising organization to rise in the world of martial arts. From that time, many wished to become martial artists, get trained, and become famous in the league of champions.

Prime Time Agreement

The year 2008 became the promising year of the Xtreme Elite Combat. As mentioned, this organization bagged the agreement with CBS and started to build a presence in the country. Gaining popularity, this organization managed to build its name and reputation slowly. CBS then was able to begin its EliteXC transmission and launched it on its primetime slot. The broadcast exhibits more than 80 fights that put the MMA program in the American television platforms. Indeed, the agreement between the organization and CBS was clear to continue showing the MMA program on the famous American network television if the show thrived.

Elite Xtreme Combat’s Demise

Unexpectedly, most MMA viewers and aficionados were keen on mixed martial arts and other physical activities. When the fight of EliteXC fighter Kimbo Slice did not offer a satisfying outcome in the ring against Seth Petruzelli, fans and viewers alike began to question the outcome of the result. The statement of Seth Petruzelli regarding the given bonuses created a storm in the field of martial arts. The unanticipated consequence of this MMA fight between Kimbo Slice and Seth Petruzelli penciled attention and adverse comments leaving the buyers and investors to leave the organization. As debt arose in the part of the organization, CBS and other sponsors immediately dropped the organization to cease the operations.

Indeed, mixed martial arts like any other sports event have rulebooks to follow and characters to keep. What happens to Xtreme Elite Combat falls under the same trap. Careful attention is necessary to preserve the organization if it is willing to participate and stay in the world of sports. If the organization thinks about this situation, then it remains firm to reconsider that these martial arts in the country could linger to cultivate and flourish despite the odds.

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