Gamble Grip

In MMA, the gable grip is considered to be the strongest hand-to-hand grip. The gable grip is so versatile that it can be used in grappling, body locks and other maneuvers. The strength of the gable grip is attributed to the action of the latissimus doors, a large muscle spanning the neck, shoulders, and upper body. When used optimally, the opponent finds it very difficult to escape from this grip. The Gable is also known as “Greco Grip”.

Originator of the Gable Grip

The Olympian wrestler Danny Mack Gable is an American wold champion and coach. Gable is a wrestling legend who also served as a coach. Gable invented a type of grip that allows effective application of pressure with control of distance. What makes the gable grip as formidable as its originator is its ability to shut down any body part held as the person who grips can focus on pulling their hands towards the body. The gripping power is focused entirely on one continuous link making it difficult to break.

Making a Gable Grip

The gable grip is reliable and easy to perform. First, the thumb is brought near to the other fingers. This must be for both hands. Next one palms is placed against the other at a right angle to connect the hands. The fingers are straightened at first to make the right angle, and then folded or wrapped around the back of the other hand. Once the fingers are tightened the gable grip takes hold.

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