Triangle Choke

The Triangle Choke is a term used in Mixed Martial Arts, specifically in Judo. This is used to describe how the player chokes the opponent by tangling his arm to the opponent’s neck and arm. When the attacker applied pressure to the opponent’s neck, the opponent’s capability to move will be limited. At the same time, his lateral vascular will restraint the blood flow to flow normally, leading him to decide for an immediate end.

The History of the Triangle Choke

This technique has been widely used in Judo, wherein the player has to strangle and point the opponent to submission. This is strongly connected to Yaichibei Kanemitsu, who first used this technique in a Kosen Judo competition in Japan. In 1980, Senjuro Kanaya made a simple modification of the Triangle choke by neckscissoring the opponent without posing a triangular position. Since then, the Triangle Choke became a household technique both in traditional and mainstream Judo. Among many variations of the Triangle Choke, the most favorable technique was in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which is introduced by Rolls Gracie.

Triangle Choke as a Defensive Action

It must’ve been difficult to escape from a Triangle Choke, but the escape plan is tolerable if the player is trained enough. The defending practitioner has to take the defense position by elevating his head and unexposed his neck to the opponent. He also had to positively think about the figure-four lock or break the opponent’s legs apart. When the attacker has pushed the defender’s back and shoulders, he should use his strength to push back the attacker until he refused to lock his leg around the defender’s neck. In Mixed Martial Arts, it could be countered with a powerbomb or a slam.

The Triangle Choke has been a popular move in some action movies, such as the Lethal Weapon, where Martin Riggs uses this technique on the film’s antagonist. In an animated series called Ikki Tousen, the main character named Ryomou Shimei also does the same thing on Hakufu. Another popular TV Series called the Games of Thrones in Episode 5, Bloodsong uses the technique to choke Asher. Other popular media where the Triangle Choke is visible are in Abduction, Oblivion, and Assassination Classroom.

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