Hiromitsu Miura is a professional mixed martial artist from Japan. Before transitioning as an MMA player, he used to compete as a professional boxer. For his boxing record, Miura has a total of ten bouts, with nine wins and one loss. For his MMA career, he had a total of 21 fights, with 13 wins and eight losses.

Miura first started as an MMA player. In 2008, he earned a WEC title against his fight with Carlos Condit. In 2009, the Japan commission establish four weight divisions in MMA. As a result, Miura tried boxing. During his training, he loved the sport thus, deciding to put his MMA career on hold.

Born 22 Sep 1981
Nationality Japan Japan

Hiromitsu Miura made his professional boxing debut in 2010. Against Isaac Atentio. He was able to defeat Atenco by unanimous decision. The same year, Miura also competed in Japan. He fought against Taka Shirasaka and Kenji Aizawa and won by knockout and technical knockout, respectively.

After losing against Yuzo Kiyota for the OPBF Super Middleweight Title, Miura decided to return to MMA in 2015. He fought against Toshikazu Suzuki and won the event by knockout. That same year, Miura also fought against Yuta Nakamura. He defeated Nakamura by technical knockout.

In 2016, Miura fought for the welterweight King of Pancrase title against Akihiro Murayama. Miura won by unanimous decision. The following year, Miura had a challenger to his title Daichi Abe. He lost the Pancrase Welterweight Championship by technical knockout.

Hiromitsu Miura’s last recorded MMA fight was last June 2021. He faced Masayuki Kikuiri and lost by technical knockout.

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