Paul Jones is an American professional mixed martial artist born on February 10, 1963. He competed at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) men’s middleweight division. He has also as also competed for the Unified Shoot Wrestling Federation and Extreme Fighting.

He began his fighting career in Extreme Fighting in 1997 with his debut match against Erik Paulson which resulted in a draw.

Born 10 Feb 1963
Nationality United States United States

It was a short stint for him with Extreme Fighting as quickly moved into USWF (Unified Shoot Wrestling Federation). In 1999, he transfered into the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and won his match with Flavio Luiz Moura. He was a successful fighter in mixed martial arts until he was matched up against Chuck Liddell, a legend rising in UFC. Chuck proved too strong for Jones as Liddell won by TKO (technical knockout).

He remained undefeated since 1997 up to 1999 and won against Tony Castillo, twice at the USWF 6 and the USWF 7 both in 1997. He remained undefeated at the UDWF before he decided to move on at the Shooto in 1998, where he won against Sanae Kikuta. He came back to USWF and won against Larry Parker in 1999. His first professional defeat was against Chuck Liddell at the UFC 22 via a TKO.

After the loss, Jones went back into USWF and fought his last match against Junior Baeza and successfully won. He has since retired from his fighting career and is now coaching wrestling, cross country, and football at Boys Ranch Texas High School.

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