Denis Kang

Born Sep 17, 1977
Nationality Canada Canada
Nickname The Super Korean

Denis Kang aka “The Super Korean” is a Canadian professional mixed martial artist born in Saint-Pierre, Saint Pierre on September 17, 1977. He has formerly competed for the Impact FC, ROAD FC, M-1 Global, PRIDE, DREAM, Pancrase in the Middleweight division, K-1 HERO’S, and the UFC.

Born from a Korean Father and a French mother, Kang and his family moved to Vancouver Canada when he was 11. From there, he learned Hapkido as his parents wanted him to learn self-defence. Soon after he transitioned to learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as he himself wanted to improve his ground game.

Using what he has learned in his younger years, he was able to apply this when he entered the MMA world. His MMA career began in 1998 at the Ultimate Warrior Challenge in Vancouver, Canada. Kang was successful in his debut fight that he immediately won it. He would continue winning his next 2 fights until he loses 5 straight bouts.

On January 17, 2009, Denis Kang made his official UFC debut, a fight against Alan Belcher despite suffering from an injury. Although Kang controlled the fight, he lost by guillotine choke at the end of round two. Kang was able to pick up the pieces and fight back as he won the fight over Xavier Foupa-Pokam at UFC 97 by unanimous decision.

On December 9 of 2009, Denis Kang was released from the UFC, along with fellow MMA superstars, Rolando Delgado, Jason Dent and Brock Larson. He announced that he will sign with W1 MMA and focused on the vacant middleweight title.

During Kang’s Prime he was known because of some of his best fights which includes, Pat Healy, Marvin Eastman, Akihiro Gono and Murilo Rua where he scored notable wins.

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