Semmy Schilt

Born Oct 27, 1973
Nationality Netherlands Netherlands

Semmy Schilt or Sem Schilt is a retired mixed martial artist, kickboxer and Ashihara karateka. During his active days in combat sports, he became a one-time Glory Heavyweight Grand Slam Champion and a four-time K-1 World Grand Prix Champion. In fact, he is the only fighter in K-1 to win a championship title for three consecutive times. The multi-awarded fighter has also been affiliated in several promotions including Pancrase, Ultimate Fighting Championship and Pride fighting Championship. During his time in Pancrase, he became a King of Pancrase Openweight Champion. In terms of kickboxing, he is considered as one of the most decorated fighter in the heavyweight division for having won 5 major tournaments.

The Danish fighter already trained in Kyokushin kaikan at the age of 8 and by the age of 12, switched to Ashihara kaikan. When he was 18, he earned a black belt in Ashihara kaikan. It was in 2005 when he made his debut in K-1 where he won over a defending champion fighter. This started his career in mixed martial arts.

The 42-year old retired fighter stands 6 feet and 11 inches and comes with an 88-inch reach. He comes with a 6th Dan black belt in Ashihara Karate and a black belt in Kudo Daido-Juko. From 1996 to 2008, Schilt made an impressive mixed martial arts record of 41 fights with 26 wins, 14 losses and 1 draw. His kickboxing record on the other hand includes a total of 50 fights with 43 wins, 6 losses and 1 draw. He was active in kickboxing from 2002 to 2013.

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