Noboru Tahara is a professional mixed martial artist born on September 4, 1983. He has been fighting under Shooto since his debut in 2006. The flyweight fighter has previously been ranked the number one contender in his division and is also consistently ranked as one of the top fighters in the world in the strawweight division.

The 32-year old is also known as, “Shinpei”. He stands 5 feet and 2 inches and comes with a 54.4-kilogram weight. He trains with K-Place.

Born 4 Sep 1983
Nationality Japan Japan

His latest fights happened in 2013. He had 3 fights during that year including the latest one which was with Mitsuhisa Sunabe, where he lost via unanimous decision. This lost made him lose his chance to win the Pancrase Flyweight Championship title. He was also able to compete with Hiroyuki Abe in June of that year where he won via technical knockout in the first round during the Pancrase-248 event. His other fight in 2013 was with Takuya Eizumi where he also won over a unanimous decision during the Pancrase-245 event. In 2012, Tahara only had 1 fight which was with Akinobu Watanabe. He won the fight via decision during the Shooto-Gig Tokyo 11.

In 2010 and 2011, Tahara was able to compete in 4 fights. In March of 2010, he defeated Junji Ikoma via technical knockout in the third round during the Shooto: Border Seasons 2 Vibration. He also defeated Toshimichi Akagi in 2010 via decision. The other 2 fights, which happened in September of 2010 and April 2011, were unsuccessful.

At present, Tahara comes with a mixed martial arts record of 15 fights with 9 wins, 5 losses and 5 draws.

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