Birth date 6 Dec 1975 (43 years)
Nationality United States United States

Jens Johnnie Pulver is a retired mixed martial artist with an impressive fighting history. Among his greatest achievements in the field of MMA is that he’s considered as one of the founding pillars. In the history of the UFC, he is the youngest Lightweight Champion.

Born on December 6, 1975, this American fighter was born in Sunnyside, Washington but was raised in Maple Valley. His childhood was filled with struggles, mainly because his alcoholic father instigated abuse and violence. Pulver’s struggles in his younger years along with his successes were well-documented in his autobiography and book written by Timothy McKinnon entitled, “Never”.

While in high school and in college, Pulver joined the wrestling team and earned 2 state championship titles. Pulver was also an NJCAA All-American. He graduated from Boise State University with a degree in criminal justice. By 1999, he joined the professional world of combat sports.

Aside from fighting in the bantamweight and lightweight divisions, he also fought under the flyweight and featherweight divisions in mixed martial arts. He was the inaugural UFC lightweight champion and is the head coach of the reality show, The Ultimate Fighter 5. As an MMA fighter, Pulver bore the nickname “The Lil’ Evil” and earned a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Pulver retired in 2014 but remains as one of the most influential fighters in the UFC. He has a professional boxing record of 4 fights with 4 wins and no losses and a kickboxing record of 1-1. Pulver’s professional mixed martial arts record on the other hand is 47 fights with 27 wins, 19 losses, and 1 draw.