Guy Mezger is a former professional mixed martial artist from the United States of America. He fought out of Dallas, Texas. He mostly fought in the Pancrase and Pride Circuit. He also had a couple of bouts in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

He holds a 7th-degree black belt level in Taekwondo. In addition to fighting in MMA, Mezger has also co-written a book called “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Kickboxing”.

Height / weight 1.85 m / 91 kg
Born 1 Jan 1968
Nationality United States United States
Style Kickboxing
Nickname The Sandman

Player Profile and Personal Life

Mezger was born in Houston, Texas on January 1, 1968. Nicknamed, The Sandman, Mezger stands 185 centimeters tall and his last listed weight is 91 kilograms. He fights using elements from kickboxing, taekwondo, boxing, and submission wrestling.

He fights in the light heavyweight division and he was active in the MMA circuit from 1994 to 2003. In addition to MMA, he has also professionally fought in Kickboxing and Full Contact Karate. Mezger has three children and is married to his wife, Michelle. After retirement in 2011, he was involved in an altercation where he defended a woman who was being attacked by a man.

Kickboxing Career

In high school, Mezger was a part of the wrestling team. In addition to wrestling and boxing, he also trained in Taekwondo. He became a professional kickboxer in his youth and later won the 1995 WKC World Heavyweight Championship.

He made one successful defense of the title before eventually deciding to retire from the sport and focus on MMA.

Professional MMA Career

He made his MMA debut on December 16, 1994, with the Ultimate Fighting Championship his first fight was with Jason Fairn. He won and a few months later, in April 1995, he took on and won against John Dowdy.

By June 1995, Mezger had moved on to fighting for Pancrase. He stayed with Pancrase until 1997. Some of his most notable bouts include Ryushi Yanagisawa, Yuki Kondo, Semmy Schilt, Gregory Smit, and more. He also fought and won against John Renfroe.

Late 1990s

In May 1997, he went back to UFC where he took on and won against both Tito Ortiz and Christophe Leninger in the same day. He went back to Pancrase after that and won against Keiichiro Yamamiya.

For the rest of the 1990s, he mostly fought for Pancrase but occasionally, he fought for UFC and the WPC – World Pankration Championships. It was also in 1999 that he fought his first Pride FC game. Some of his most notable wins during this period include Satoshi Hasegawa and Yuki Kondo.

Early 2000s

As the 2000s rolled in, Mezger was already fighting in the Pride circuit. His first fight for Pride was in 1999. Through 2002, he fought in 10 fights for Pride. Some of the fighters he faced include Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, Chuck Liddell, Egan Inoue, Alexander Otsuka, and more.

His last professional fight on record was a win against Daniel Bergman for EVT 1. It was held on December 6, 2003.

Mixed Martial Arts Record

Total: 46
Wins: 30
Wins by Knockout: 11
Wins by Submission: 6
Wins by Decision: 13
Losses: 14
Loses by Knockout: 6
Loses by Submission: 3
Loses by Decision: 5
Draws: 2

Kickboxing Record

Total: 25
Wins: 22
Wins by Knockout: 19
Losses: 3

Full Contact Karate Record

Total: 43
Wins: 42
Wins by Knockout: 40
Losses: 1

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