Luke Rockhold Announces His Return at the Octagon

Luke Rockhold Announces His Return at the Octagon Photo: TT

It’s been nine months since Luke Rockhold left the octagon, and MMA fans are waiting for him to make his big comeback. The former UFC middleweight champion said that the reason why he let the Octagon is that no one is ready to fight him.

He said in an interview that he’s ready to smash some heads, and his body feels good. Upon his comeback, only one person came to mind: “Tyrant” Dana White, whom Rockhold had been eyeing for the past years and whom he considered a fair pay. However, he noted that it’s still about fighting someone willing to fight against him, and none of the Top 10 has yet been ready to fight him.

Rockhold’s last fight at the Octagon was against Yoel Romero, who missed the world title in 2 years. Currently, Rockhold’s management is looking for those credible MMA fighters, who don’t make excuses in fighting with him.

“Iron sharpens iron”, that’s how he described the manner of coaching of Khabib Nurmagomedov, who was a UFC lightweight titleholder. However, Nurmagomedov decided to retire after winning against Justin Gaethje and to focus on training fighters.

With Rockhold’s preparation and Khabib’s by his side, he could only guarantee that every MMA fan could witness a great fight in MMA history. Since no one in the middleweight top 10 is willing enough to fight against Luke Rockhold, then this might be the cause of his losing momentum for his ambition to come back strong in MMA.

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