Jon Jones Increases Weight Up to 255 for the Latest Heavyweight Title

Jon Jones Increases Weight Up to 255 for the Latest Heavyweight Title Photo: TT

Jon Jones is making his way up to the heavyweight division in MMA. The former UFC light-heavyweight champion was seen to have been bulking up good. This is a strategic move on his part as he plans to move up to the UFC heavyweight division. Throughout his MMA career, Jones has been fighting at 205lbs. But, the video of him putting on weight and hitting pads with his coach, seems to be no trouble at all.

Gaining 252lbs, many fans think that Jones looks slow and might not be a good move; but he fired back against the critics saying that he is still getting into shape. The recent Instagram post of himself shows that he almost reaches his target of 255. By far, this is the heaviest weight Jones has ever been in his MMA career.

Fighters under the heavyweight division range from 250lbs to 265lbs. On the fight night, these fighters tend to increase more weight. Jones assured his fans that he is working on getting his physique up to par with his opponents by gaining a lot of size and muscles. He is confident that the increase in weight will also increase his strength come the fight night. Since Jones has been playing in the big Light Heavyweight division, he sees no concern that the increase in weight will slow him down.

Jon Jones had been the light heavyweight champion in 2020. He vacated his title so that he can move up to the heavyweight division.

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