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UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones Not Yet Moving Up to Heavyweight until UFC Starts Playing Ball

Many have been pushing the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones to move up a weight division but he’s not having any of it unless it’s on his own terms. Jones doesn’t shy away from fighting in the heavyweight division but knows there are risks and so in making such a move, he should be well compensated by the UFC.

Jon Jones Holds on to Light Heavyweight Title for Now

Jones moving up to the heavyweight division isn’t something new for the famed MMA player. There were talks of his possible move years ago as well as months ago, but for now, Jones has decided to stay put until the UFC meets his terms.

Jon Jones is considered to be the best MMA fighter ever and it is because of his dominance that many want to see him challenged. Jones himself knows this and acknowledges it. According to him, there are many that want him to fight in the heavyweight division for the sole purpose of losing. While Jones is always up for a good fight, he’s not one to make such a decision lightheartedly.

Moving Up Means More Risk to Take

Jones admits that if he does move up and fights in the heavyweight division, it is going to take a lot of risk and he wants to be compensated correctly. He sees the need for a contractual change when and if he moves up a decision in the near future. In the meantime, he plans on holding on to his title and staying put at the light heavyweight decision.

Making a Legacy by Staying Put

There are many players who’ve wanted to go down in history as multi-division champions. Many have moved up and down divisions in order to get such recognition. Some have succeeded while there are also many who’ve paid the price.

For Jon Jones, this isn’t a route he’s going to take for now. According to the MMA player, he’s going to make a great legacy by staying in his division – Light Heavyweight, where he is currently the title holder. How is this going to make a legacy for him? According to Jones he’s fought with many players in their prime and have beaten them. What is he looking forward to now? Defeating Anthony Smith in the UFC 235.

UFC 235 with Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith is going to be playing against Jones in the UFC 235 and the young player isn’t at all fazed one bit. Smith is currently standing with a record of 31-13 in the MMA and 7-3 in the UFC while Jones is at 23-1 MMA and 17-1 UFC. A lot are looking forward to this fight and are going to be checking if Jones will be defeated by someone younger.

For Jones, he’s not underestimating the young Smith. He looks at Smith as a legitimate threat and so do his coaches and his body is getting ready for a serious fight come Saturday for UCF 235.

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