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Khabib Nurmagomedov Airs Out His Side on Controversial End to the UFC 229

It was a much awaited fight against two great UFC fighters – Khabib Nurmagomedov versus Conor McGregor. Fans and everybody else present at the octagon could feel the tension in the air and when the fight concluded to Conor McGregor tapping out, fans of Khabib were ecstatic. What everybody wasn’t expecting was what happened post fight and it put Khabib and his victory in a precarious situation. Khabib Nurmagomedov mhas since aired out his side explaining his behavior.

Khabib Calls Out Racial Slurs

During the post-fight interview, Khabib explains why he did what he did after the match was called to an end. According to him, Dillon Danis, who was in the Irishman’s corner for the match, called out racial slurs against his father, his country, and his religion. It was to this that Khabib clearly lost control of his anger and jumped out of the cage and headed over to Danis. This then caused a post-fight brawl in and out of the cage that both parties had to be removed with security escorts.

Khabib Declared the Victor BUT…

The promotion leading to the fight was clearly aimed at causing a stir between the fans of Khabib and Conor and the two fighters as well. According to Dana White, the promotion played out in exactly the way they wanted it to with both fighters hyped up at going against each other and what a fight it was indeed. Both Conor and Khabib are strong fighters but the whole match just went on to prove that McGregor is still not a strong man when it comes to fighting on the ground. McGregor tapped out in the 4th round and Khabib declared a winner by submission.

After the post-fight brawl, Khabib was announced the victor without his presence inside the cage. Khabib has also not fully enjoyed his victory over McGregor as his winner’s check has been put on hold pending an investigation by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Danis Denis Khabib’s Charges

Danis has broken his silence and has since been trying to clear his name. According to him, he’s just part of a smear campaign by fans in order to justify Khabib’s actions and he vehemently denies that he called out racial slurs against the Russian UFC fighter. He is looking forward to the result of the Nevada Gaming Commission’s investigation. As of writing, there isn’t a timetable presented yet for the investigation to produce a conclusion.

Suspension for Khabib?

Nurmagomedov’s post-fight actions could cost him his championship belt and a suspension according to the UFC President, Dana White. Khabib has since issued an apology to the Nevada State Athletic Commission as well as the state of Nevada, but continues to hold firm that racial slurs from Dillon Danis was targeted to him immediately after the fight. He also says that he wants to make the UFC a respectable sport, one where incidences like racism does not and should not occur.

Despite all this, the mishap that happened after what was supposed to be one of the biggest fights of the year, ended up to be a dark day for the sport according to Dana White.

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