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Conor McGregor Is Back

Conor McGregor has made his statement. He is “back.” This statement came just a few days after the decision was made regarding his actions at the UFC 223 media day that was held in Brooklyn.

A few days ago, Thursday, McGregor was found guilty of disorderly conduct and was sentenced to five days of community service. He was also ordered to take part in anger management for one to three days. This is his punishment for his behavior at Barclays Center, wherein he was seen throwing a dolly though the bus that was carrying fellow fighters.

Many were surprised about his light punishment, and this was a result of the efforts of his legal team. They were able to arrive at a plea deal when going against the Brooklyn District Attorney.

Now that McGregor has surpassed his legal problem, attention is now tuned in once more as to when he will be back in the Octagon. So far, the Irishman has been inactive for 20 months and has not fought in a single mixed martial arts premier promotion.

Based on his Instagram post, it is possible that fans will be seeing him back in the ring sooner than later. McGregor had uploaded a picture of himself and captioned his post as “Click clack I’m back.”

The Irishman is expected to make his reappearance in the cage soon, and is expected to go against Khabib Nurmagomedov, his successor at the top of the lightweight division. According to Dana White, “the fight everybody wants to see is Conor and Khabib… That’s the fight.”

Nurmagomedov is enjoying the opportunity to go against McGregor, and is reported to have plans to re-arrange the Irishman’s face.

Nurmagomedov said, “I can’t believe we’re going to fight, because I really want this guy… Make him humble, a little bit teach him, and not only smash but change his face.

“I want to change his face. Of course, with face I can change his mind, too.”

McGregor and Nurmagomedov are expected to fight soon and talks between both camps have already started.

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