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Nurmagomedov and Ferguson are Ready for a Battle with McGregor Out of the Question

Nurmagomedov and Ferguson are Ready for a Battle with McGregor Out of the Question Photo: TT

Nobody in the lightweight division are more than ready and able to fight for the lightweight title currently held by Conor McGregor than Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson. Both Ferguson and Nurmagomedov want to go into the octagon to win the title from McGregor, but this is not made possible until May of next year since Conor is on leave due to the birth of his first child. Rather than focusing their frustrations on McGregor, the two are facing each other instead.

The two MMA fighters are in agreement with a match against each other for the interim lightweight title. A match between these two fighters have long been in the making but has never come into fruition. They were supposed to face each other at UFC 19 but Ferguson was pulled out due to lung issues. They were again set to fight at the 2015 The Ultimate Fighter 22 Finale, but this time it was Nurmagomedov who was forced out due to a rib injury.

While there has been no exact date set yet for the fight, fans are already betting on their favorites. As early as now, Nurmagomedov with a record of 24-0 is the favorite to win the title. He is known for his unstoppable takedowns and ground and pound combinations. However, Ferguson is a great match for Nurmagomedov with a record of 22-3. He is also the taller and longer fighter between the two. When this match does happen, it’s going to be a very much anticipated fight indeed.

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