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The Best Martial Arts for Winning in the MMA

The Best Martial Arts for Winning in the MMA Photo: TT

When The Ultimate Fighting Championship began, the point of it all was to determine which type of martial arts was the best. In the first ever UFC fight, there were eight talented fighters with skills in different forms of martial arts or combat sports including boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, sumo wrestling, kempo, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In the end, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu reigned supreme and the legend that is Royce Gracie was born.

Today, it’s a whole new ballgame. There are a lot more disciplines represented in the Octagon. The question remains, is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu still the best in taking down opponents in the ring?

Karate or Kung Fu

To those new to MMA, when it comes to martial arts most people would immediately think of Kung Fu or Karate. There are advantages to using this in the Octagon. For one, it can deliver accurate strikes. However, in order to win triumphant in the UFC or any other MMA promotion, Karate or Kung Fu alone will not be enough.

There are notable champions who use Karate or Kung Fu in their fighting style. These are none other than the big names in the sport including Georges St. Pierre, Anderson Silva and Ben Henderson.


Judo comes in very handy in MMA because in fights, you won’t always be standing up. Your opponents will try their very best to knock you to the ground and use leverage. This is where the hip tosses of Judo become very helpful.

Some of the notable champions known to use Judo in their fighting include Ronda Rousey, Anderson Silva, and Christian M’pumbu.


The powerful punches brought on by training in boxing can be very advantageous to fighters. In fact, most fighters train in boxing as well. However, if used as a primary attack, it isn’t as successful. Boxing skills are limited on a stand up fight and not ones when you’re held down on the ground.

But this doesn’t stop champion fighters like Junior Dos Santos, Anderson Silva, Gilbert Melendez, Georges St. Pierre, and Dominick Cruz from using the discipline in their fights. It’s a very good offense in fact.


Wrestling can also make you dominate a fight. It can make you take the fight where you want it to go. But when you’re going up against someone who is skilled in jiu-jitsu, your wrestling skills will most likely not hold up. Even great wrestlers have been known to lose via submission.

There are champions who use wrestling very well and this includes Georges St. Pierre, Jon Jones, Cole Konrad, Dominick Cruz, Michael Chandler, Ben Henderson, and Ben Askren.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or BJJ, without a doubt, still reigns supreme as the most effective discipline in winning MMA fights. MMA fights aren’t always done standing up and running around the Octagon. The opponent’s goal is to either knock you out or win you over a submission, either way you’ll be thrown to the canvass at one point.

There are a lot of champions who use different combinations of martial arts but all these champions have a belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Gilbert Melendez, Anderson Silva, Georges St. Pierre, Pat Curran, Eduardo Dantes, Luke Rockhold, Jose Aldo, Junior Dos Santos, Ben Henderson, Ben Askren, and Dominick Cruz.

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