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History Makers in the Octagon: Top Knockouts Listed in 2016

What makes a mixed martial arts fight thrilling? The fact that nobody can ever expect what happens next. You might be the champion one minute and be the loser in the next. There’s also the thrill of seeing a knockout take place. 2016 is almost to an end, but here’s a list of the best knockouts in the MMA professional arena from the day the year began.

Diego Rivas vs Noad Lahat (UFC Fight Night 82)

It was to be an unexpected outcome for the Rivas vs Lahat fight during UFC Fight Night 82. Rivas was dominated in the first round with Lahat’s submission skills. In the second round, Rivas decided that he’s had enough. When Lahat charged towards Rivas, he stopped him with a flying knee.

Mark Hunt vs Frank Mir (UFC Fight Night 85)

Mark Hunt’s win via knockout over Frank Mir had the crowd roaring in victory. After hitting Mir with a vicious one punch that got him landed on the canvas, Hunt simply walked away without even waiting for the referee. Hunt may have looked disappointed with the opponent going down that easy, but then when it gets you the victory anyway, there’s nothing much to be disappointed about.

Yair Rodriguez vs Andre Fili (UFC 197)

23 year old Yair Rodrigues has been dubbed the next big thing in MMA weighing in at 145 lbs. He did not disappoint the crowd with his fight against Fili. In fact, Fili went down with a leaping kick to the head from Rodriguez. Let’s also mention that Rodriguez stepped on Fili’s leg to gain an elevation before that strike happened.

Stipe Miocic vs Fabricio Werdum (UFC 198)

When you’re fighting against an opponent that’s only been knocked out once in his entire career, you have to prepare yourself and that’s exactly what Miocic did. In the first opening minutes of the UFC 199, Miocic was doing pretty well in holding his own. That’s when Werdum thought he’s had enough and want to end things then and there. Unfortunately, such a decision made Werdum very reckless and fighting uncharacteristically. He went face first into a counter right from Miocic making him fall face down on the canvas.

Michael Bisping vs Luke Rockhold (UFC 199)

Michael Bisping has had a reputation of never having won the big one and not ending his fights with a stoppage. But all that changed during his fight with Luke Rockhold. Bisping left Rockhold limp on the Octagon just four minutes into the fight making him the new UFC middleweight champion.

Dan Henderson vs Hector Lombard (UFC 199)

The odds were against Henderson in this fight as many had their money on Lombard putting out the oldest fighter in the UFC early into the fight. But Henderson hasn’t been in the UFC for 19 years without cause. Although he dropped in the first round, he survived and fought back with a KO that’s never been seen before. He hit Lombard with a wild elbow while hopping on one leg. It looks like Henderson is to stay for a few years more in the UFC.

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