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Hi.Im Michele. This is more for my son than anything. My son’s name is Sherrod White but since he was a baby, we have called him Roddy. Just like [U]Roddy White[/U], which came known to us well after his name had been established. He is 11 years old, and is a great sports fan. He plays football, basketball, and baseball. We just came from a place called Pittsfield, Ma. In that town, he has established himself as one of the best up and coming players of all 3 sports. The director of Pop-Warner football up there said “Roddy is prob the best developing quarterbacks he has seen in 18 years.” A great compliment. Roddy played Little League, and when he was 10, had gotten his name submitted in the National Honor Roll of Little League book, that has a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame. And to top it off, Roddy’s main sport is Basketball. He is probably one of the best 11 yr olds that u have seen to play the sport. Have been told “Roddy has got to be where Kobe(his favorite)Bryant was when he was at age 11, if not right under or better.”He once made 26 out of 29 3-point shots in a contest against a 18 yr old. Hoping to get in touch with [U]Roddy White.[/U] Hoping that he can meet him one day. Too good to pass by, with the names and the similarities and all[U]Roddy White[/U]. If anyone could please help, that would be wonderful! Thank you

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