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John Fennelly is a former Wall Street executive who now exercises his first amendment rights in the fields of freelance journalism and documentary filmmaking.

Based in New York City, he has a degree in Media Studies from Queens College and has been involved in several dozen internet endeavors since 1997.

Mr. Fennelly, through several different web ventures has created dozens of successful websites and blogs over the years and currently writes articles and hosts podcasts about professional and college football, baseball, boxing and horse racing.

In his weblog, Mr. Flushing (, he laments about the trials and travails of being a New York Mets fan.

Mr, Fennelly is the founder of Willets Point Media and has developed several new football weblogs, blogNYG ( which will be dedicated to covering the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants, the NFC East Blog (coming in August) and the political and cultural blog 30 seconds over America.

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