Iserlohn Roosters

Country Germany Germany
City Iserlohn
Founded 1959

The Iserlohn Roosters is a team that is currently a part of the Deutschen Eishockey League. The team has been around since 1959, although they have not been known as the Roosters back then. In 1959, the team was first known as the Deilinghofen EC, and it remained that way until 1980 when the team was renamed ECD Iserlohn. This remained as the team’s name until 1988 when it was once more renamed to Iserlohn EC before being given its current name in 2000.

The team’s managing directors are Josef Jost and Wolfgang Bruck. On the other hand, Doug Mason serves as the team’s coach, with Robert Hock leading the team as captain.

The team also had former players who have been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame Germany. The said players include the following: Dieter Medicus, Otto Schneitberger, Martin Hinterstocker, Gerhard Kiesling, and Klaus Auhuber. So far, the team has also been the West German Champion sometime in 1969, and has reached the play-off semi finals in 1986.

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