Hannover Scorpions

Country Germany Germany
City Hanover
Founded 1975

The Hannover Scorpions is a professional ice hockey team that is a part of the Deutschen Eishockey Liga, otherwise known as the German Ice Hockey League. The team is from Hannover, and it has actually been around for several years. However, the team has undergone several changes over the past starting from the original ESC Wedemark in 1975 before it changed its name to Wedemark Wildcats in 1994. The team then underwent another change and became the Wedemark Scorpions in 1996, but this was just for a year before it officially became the Hannover Scorpions in 1997.

All throughout the numerous changes, the team has currently settled down with Mark Stickel at the head as managing director, and Toni Krinner as coach. Tino Boos also stands as the team’s current captain.Also known as “The Scorpions,” the team proudly wears black and red. And has former team members on the Hall of Fame such as Dieter Frenzel, Hans Zach, and Friedhelm Bogelsack.

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