Eishockeyclub Munchen

Country Germany Germany
City Munich, Bavaria
Founded 1998

EHC Munchen is a professional ice hockey team that is currently active in the Deutschen Eishockey Liga or German Ice Hockey League. The team has been around since 1998, going under the name Munich HC 98, but has undergone some changes and has taken on its current name in 2004. The team’s colors are white and blue, and is currently being managed by Juergen Bochanski.

The team is led by Stephane Julien as its team captain, and is being coached by Pat Cortina.Over the years, the team has been able to win a number of wards, including a promotion to second league in 2005. They are also the winners in the DEB-Pokal in 2009-2010 season.

The team calls the Olympic Ice Sport Centre as its home arena, and has a number of major hockey players that have achieved success in the sport. Some of the said players include Ron Newhook, Jochen Vollmer, Fabian von Schilcher, and Jochen Reimer.

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